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Faux Silver Sequins Diamonds Purple Bow Wedding Card

Faux Silver Sequins Diamonds Purple Bow Wedding Card

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Product Information

Elegant, personalized custom silver and purple wedding invitations with a beautiful glittery silver printed image sequins jewels, gems, glitter pattern, cute, sophisticated shiny printed purple bows and ribbons and pretty digital diamonds bling jewels and dark grey text on a silver gradient background. Please note: All invites on Zazzle have flat printed images. These classy, sparkly, glamorous invites for weddings are decorated both sides. Beautiful, stylish, chic, trendy, modern, glitz and glamour invitations. Text, font and color of font can all be customized. If you need assistance customizing your product please contact me through my store. I will be happy to help. I have matching products for weddings in my store.

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Faux Silver Sequins Diamonds Purple Bow Wedding Card

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